Summer trips in medium and high mountains

This is an example of our daily trip.

Trip from Pila to Chamolé lake and to Arbole hut.

The first part of the trip is from Pila to Chamolè lake. It's possible to follow two different ways.

  • Way 1: it is simpler and suitable for beginners and for people who don't love long walks. You can park your car in Pila where there is the chairlift that leads to Chamolè. You use the chairlift (travelling time - 6 minutes) to arrive to Chamolè valley. When you arrive in the valley, you walk along an almost flat, well marked and simple path that leads to Chamolè lake (about 10 minutes of walking).
  • Way 2: it is more complex. You start from Pila and follow signs for alpine hub. You continue in the gorge and arrive to the lake after an hour of walking.

The second part of the trip is from the Chambolè lake to Arbole hub.

  • Il Way 3: it allows to the walkers to reach Arbole lake and hub from Chambolè lake. It is an uphill path for about one hundred meters and at the end of it, you reach the hill. Passed the hill, you go down to the Chambolè gorge where there is the same name lake. The travelling time is about one hour.